Because it haunts me

It's all about gathering your courage to take that first step

Month: January, 2013

The First Step

 I used to think if my daughter would get sober all the rest would fall into place and everything would go back to normal in our lives, but the truth is nothing is ever that simple. Sobriety is only one of many steps for her. This goes for any addict and or alcoholic. Some folks […]

Gorgeous way to start the day

I was waiting until I typed up an essay to post BUT then I saw this sunrise and I have to share. It was just beautiful out there this morning.

Snow days

My mind is fried from too much computer work today. I’m sure a better wordsmith than me could come up with a quirky poem, but that’s not me. So today I shall leave you with a quote and remember to play in the snow if you can.  “The creative is the place where no one […]

I lost

My bad mood today brought me down. It started off as a good day but then I let a couple of issues get the best of me. Literally, I stressed over nothing. Well, they are something but stressing about them wasn’t going to solve anything. And one of them I can’t solve and it’s going […]


  Girl scout cookies…buy a box to help support the club.

Doodling Part 2

Margaret’s been pestering me for another doodle. I’ve been putting it off because when I doodle the leaves or the flowers or the eyes that I make are often drawn around someone’s phone number or address. There have been times when I couldn’t read what I wrote because I’ve drawn over it. My bad. So […]

Today should be called Procrastinating Friday

Arrange whatever pieces come your way.—Virginia Woolf  My “to do” lists pretty much covers everything in my days including remembering to eat. Alas one of the things on the list today is to prep taxes and get a look at what I might owe. I hate owing money so I have to figure it into […]

Fashion Sense

“Never wear anything that panics the cat.” – P.J. O’Rourke

National Pie Day

At about noon today I learned it was an all important holiday and I almost missed it. In truth I didn’t know such a day existed but I think it should be up there with many other holidays. Not to miss out on a reason to eat dessert, I started scouring websites for the perfect […]

Missed Opportunities

First thing this morning I went running outside to put out the garbage. Yes, I forgot all about it until it was almost too late. So I ran out in my bea-U-tiful Chihuahua covered fleece pjs. I’m pretty sure I’ve worn more embarrassing pajamas, but I don’t normally try to show them off to the […]