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It's all about gathering your courage to take that first step

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The First Step

 I used to think if my daughter would get sober all the rest would fall into place and everything would go back to normal in our lives, but the truth is nothing is ever that simple. Sobriety is only one of many steps for her. This goes for any addict and or alcoholic. Some folks […]

Missed Opportunities

First thing this morning I went running outside to put out the garbage. Yes, I forgot all about it until it was almost too late. So I ran out in my bea-U-tiful Chihuahua covered fleece pjs. I’m pretty sure I’ve worn more embarrassing pajamas, but I don’t normally try to show them off to the […]

Lesson Learned

Today I learned I don’t have patience to work with a needle and thread when it comes to counting cross stitch. I tried but after an hour or so… as you can see from the picture, I hadn’t gotten very far. In truth the whole thread thing became waaay too annoying. It’s okay. I gave […]

There are those days…

When things go wrong, don’t go with them-Elvis Presley I’ve had a few troubling days lately and decisions have to be made. (Um, like yesterday they should’ve been made.) The situation is delicate and not black and white. Then I was reminded quite suddenly how fragile life was and time isn’t always on our side. […]

So there I was trying to get a shot of the sunset…

Except the setting sun wasn’t cooperating. The sunset was blah and there were too many trees out front. Not sure if I missed all the colors or there just wasn’t much to look at tonight. As I mentioned a million times, the sunrises are beautiful here. I do think I have to work on my […]

For those rough days

I knew I’d have rough days. It was bound to happen especially since I triple dog dared the universe that I was going to get better this year. I had sort of hoped the first stumble wouldn’t happen in the first week. It was a selfish thought really. Challenges are a part of life so […]

Monday madness on Wednesday

I know it’s no longer the holiday season and the official work week has started again because: I had to write bills this morning. I had to make phone calls. I hate talking on the phone. Being put on hold and having to listen to canned music. I think it’s a form of mind control. […]

Good morning, 2013

This is the sunrise from my back porch. The sun rose at 7:20, but because I was too lazy to bother to look up the times properly last night, I was outside before seven. I think I did an awesome job being up and out of bed that early considering I was up until 2:30 […]