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It's all about gathering your courage to take that first step

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Saturday Morning Musing

Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase just take the first step—Martin Luther King Jr.

So there I was trying to get a shot of the sunset…

Except the setting sun wasn’t cooperating. The sunset was blah and there were too many trees out front. Not sure if I missed all the colors or there just wasn’t much to look at tonight. As I mentioned a million times, the sunrises are beautiful here. I do think I have to work on my […]

For those rough days

I knew I’d have rough days. It was bound to happen especially since I triple dog dared the universe that I was going to get better this year. I had sort of hoped the first stumble wouldn’t happen in the first week. It was a selfish thought really. Challenges are a part of life so […]

Monday madness on Wednesday

I know it’s no longer the holiday season and the official work week has started again because: I had to write bills this morning. I had to make phone calls. I hate talking on the phone. Being put on hold and having to listen to canned music. I think it’s a form of mind control. […]

Good morning, 2013

This is the sunrise from my back porch. The sun rose at 7:20, but because I was too lazy to bother to look up the times properly last night, I was outside before seven. I think I did an awesome job being up and out of bed that early considering I was up until 2:30 […]