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It's all about gathering your courage to take that first step

The End

A year has gone by since I first started this endeavor. I know I had a few misses, and there were a few days where I didn’t even want to get out of bed let alone post.  But those days were fewer as the year went on. There is a more important point. Do I feel better?

Yes. Simply put, I feel more alive and in control of my life than I did this time last year. There is still more healing to be done. I wish I had the desire to write more. I’m assuming that’s why I feel I need to heal more. I feel like there’s still something off.

So what do I do with this blog now? For that I’m still not sure. Most of these entries I could’ve put on Facebook and saved the website fee. Really I don’t mind posting and having no one visit.  Popularity is overrated and I’m fine being invisible. Not everything in my life has to be a popularity contest and I think that’s an important lesson in life . I won’t be leaving the site because I’m lonely. 

So…here I am saying goodbye to 2013. One last sunset for the year.  Have a goodnight.


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